Guardian Healthcare Centers 

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Sweat Now. Live More!

  •  The Sweat will last one hour.
  • Wear light cotton Clothing & Socks, bring headphones if you would like your own music.
  • You will arrive at Guardian Healthcare centers and be led to the treatment room.
  • Once there you will be given a reusable suit to take home ($5). 
  • put the suit on over your clothes. (it is not a bad idea to bring an extra change of clothes).
  • when you are ready someone will come help you into the sweat blanket that is on a reclining chair. 
  • once situated the sweat will begin. it is okay if you go to sleep! 
  • Someone will check on you every 25 minutes and offer you water.
  • if you are sleeping we will quietly leave the room.
  • After the sweat we will come unwrap you and give you a few minutes to cool down. It is vital to allow your body a slow and natural cooling process.
  • Drink copious amounts of water after and eat fruits high in vitamin c (oranges)
  • When you are home in the evening  take a bath with either baking soda, ginger, sea salt to help complete the detoxification process.

Drink water and eat a light meal before your sweat!